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Craft Breweries & BrewPubs The Winnipeg & area has a number of Craft breweries, brew pubs, wineries and even craft distilleries (subject to local liquor board approval). We were VERY surprised by the number we have found! There is a lot of interest in what is called "Beverage Tourism". This is perfect for those taking a kid-free vacation or weekend.

These establishments typically use locally-sourced inputs from their own or very nearby suppliers (some even using certified organic sources). Local barley, grains, grapes, etcetera can have a unique flavour due to the "terroir", imparted from the special soils, ground water, and rains to the crops that grow here.

Vineyards & Wineries Also, they are smaller, and apply their education, skills, and experience to create small batches of very special beverages. Because they are not trying to "maintain a brand" (which would require them to be scientifically consistent), they can afford to experiment, and try new and different combinations of materials, different timings, and sometimes non-traditional techniques and technologies to come up with something unusual, interesting, and VERY LOCAL. Consumers should consider themselves fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to enjoy such locally-produced drinks.

Winnipeg & area has a number of craft breweries and wineries that create unique beverages. Most welcome you to take a tour (bring your I.D.), and visit their shops afterwards (samples may only be served, and alcoholic beverages may only be sold to those of legal drinking age or older).

DISCLAIMERS: (1) you must be of legal drinking age to consume any of these beverages; (2) exercise your own judgement about which drinks may be suitable for you; (3) when sampling, accept the host's judgement of appropriate sample sizes, and (4) drink responsibly, and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

COMPLETE local beverage tours Here is a sampling (pun intended):

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Here are some featured local brew pubs, craft breweries, craft distilleries, wineries or vineyard. They use the freshest, local (even organic, in some cases) ingredients for an appreciable local flavour.

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Here some featured local listings, but are SO FAR from the full list. See feature stories, linked at the top of the page or use the Search form at right.

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view listing for Brazen Hall Kitchen & BreweryBeverage TourismBrazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery

Our Brewery Tour starts in our Valhalla room with some light snacks and some beer to get you started. Following the introduction to Brazen Hall you will be taken on a tour of the brewery and sample our beer right from the tanks.

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view listing for Fort Garry BrewingBeverage TourismFort Garry Brewing

Established in 1930, our recipes and brewing techniques are a time honoured tradition, using only the finest raw ingredients are used to brew our fine ales and lagers.

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view listing for PEG Beer Co.Beverage TourismPEG Beer Co.

PEG Beer Co. is an independent brew pub located in the historic Exchange District of Winnipeg. We believe our beer, food, and the service we provide should be centered around the passion, integrity and respect we have for craft beer

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view listing for Barn Hammer Brewing CompanyBeverage TourismBarn Hammer Brewing Company

We’re a very small company (less than 10 of us) and we like it that way. We plan to remain small, local and always friendly. Our brewing goal is to remain approachable but to continuously incorporate unique flavours & styles to our line-up.

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view listing for Capital K DistilleryBeverage TourismCapital K Distillery

Capital K Distillery is Manitoba’s first family owned and operated, handcrafted, micro distillery. Our state of the art facility in Winnipeg Manitoba completes every step in developing our premium artisanal spirits - from grain to bottle!

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