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Pair of women rowing

Rowing is a sport that helps achieve a total body workout. Rowing takes place in a rowing "shell" a long, narrow and very light boat holding either one, two, four or eight participants. The shells are only slightly wider than a person's shoulders and about ten inches deep and are propelled by oars on each side. In a "eights" shell, there are four oars on the each side, one for each rower. Each rower sits on a sliding seat, with their feet strapped to the boat, to exert their full force to pull the oar back and push the boat. Competitive rowers race at the pace of a four minute mile through water!

The rowing action is as follows:

In an eight person or 4 person shell, the coxwain, steers the boat and instructs the rowers on their rowing pace.

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Rowers require basic gym equipment, shirt, shoes, and shorts. The rowing shells are provided by the rowing clubs.

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The Winnipeg Rowing Club (204-237-1690), Prairie Fire Rowing Centre (204-253 6804), and Manitoba Paddling Association (204-925-5681) are good places to learn how to row. Its facilities are on Lyndale Drive, on the east bank of the Reed River (just south of downtown) with learn-to-row programs for all ages. The aspiring rower will get a three-week program ith an hour of water training each day. As the rower becomes more comfortable, they are coordinated into crews for more regular rowing training. Learn-to row sessions begin in early May.

You can practice your rowing technique at many fitness clubs who have proper rowing machines (called "ergometers").

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