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Applebee's neighbourhood Grill & Bar Winnipeg's restaurant scene will not disappoint those looking for "something different". Winnipeg has a large and varied immigrant population, plus its business circles are among the most worldly and well-traveled around. Like people, some cuisines tend to be found in different neighbourhoods (good target demographics, and all that). Heres some suggestions, to help with your dining decisions:

Forks Market
Located beside the National Historic Site, where the Assiniboine flows into the Red River, this area has been the city's focal point since its inception. Now there are a number of recent buildings housing a number of great restaurants. Each restaurant has a unique patio, either overlooking the market or the waterfront

Exchange District
This area, just north of downtown is popular for its old buildings from teh turn-of-last-century, and its proximity to the city's theatre district. This means it's a good spot to either start, enjoy, or end and evening out. There is a wide varity of popular restaurants in the area, covering a range of cuisines. The area also has a number of popular coffee houses.

The north end of the Exchange District is Winnipeg's Chinatown, known for its many Chinese restaurants. Some offer large portions shared amongst all at the table, and others offer dim sum, where you order many smaller, typically bite-sized courses.

Sargent - Ellice
This area, west of the downtown core is nestled between Ellice Ave to the south and Sargent Ave, and encompasses the core of Winnipeg's multi-cultural melting pot. The area has a couple of Caribbean restaurants, as well as a side range of ethnic restaurants.

Osborne Village - Corydon
Carlos and Murphy's in Osborne Village Osborne Village is just across the Assiniboine River from downtown, but a world away from the business formalities. This is the city's Bohemian area, with a nest of coffee houses, tea rooms, bars, and unique restaurants. Corydon is just southwest of Osborne Street, and is known as "Little Italy." The area is known for its many fine Italian restaurants, including favourites like Spuntino, Tre Visi, Vivere and the cutting-edge Gallo D'Oro .

St Boniface
This area is just across the Red River from downtown and is the heart of the city's French community. Along Boulevard Provencher, you'll find many French restaurants, both of the Fine Continental or the Quebecois folk cooking variety.

North End
This area, north of the railroad tracks along Main Street is another area known for its multicultural flavour.

South Pembina
Red Lobster This area, along Pembina Highway, on the west bank of the Red River, is a mecca for the chains and the fast food restaurants. Recently, a number of higher-end chains have been attracted to the area, giving consumers more lively variety.

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