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Red River Floodway skirts the east of TransconaTranscona is built for and by the railroads around the turn of the century. It is blessed/cursed to be between the two transcontinental rail lines for the CPR and CN. This has created large rail yards, as well as sprawling industrial areas on both sides of the community. To the east is the Red River Floodway, limiting the community's future growth. The area is undergoing a transformation from its railway working class roots, as it is attracting new manufacturing companies (like Palliser Furniture, New Flyer Industries),

There are four main neighbourhoods in Transcona: the part north of the CN rail yards (which includes Melrose, Kern Park, Kildare Redonda, North Transcona, and Canterbury Park to the east), the area north of the diagonal railway spur (including Kildonan Meadows and Lakeside Meadows), Mission Gardens (south of Regent, west of the CN Yards), and South Transcona, south of the railway yards.

Transcona is a mix of older homes, typically 10 to 45 years old, with some small apartment buildings along Kildare Ave, and some older homes with fireplaces closer to Plessis Rd. Homes in this area run $40,00 to $85,000. The newer community of Canterbury Park, built up over the past 15 years, has a full mix of housing runs $70,0000 to $150,000.

Transcona, south of Regent Ave's shopping strip, and north of the Transcona, ha smaller homes around $85,000. A small development called Transcona Gardens has larger custom built homes. Kildonan Meadows and Lakeside Meadows to the northwest of Transcona are both built around lakes. The homes in these neighbourhoods range from $50 to $150,000 with a few up into $175,000. South Transcona has some smaller older homes, priced similarly to Transcona, but the land southwards is being developed for larger custom-built homes on 1.6 or 2 hectare lots, with some triple garages and tennis courts.


The schools in this are managed by the Transcona- Springfield School District #12. The community has 13 elementary and middle schools and three high schools. The school board has pioneered an English-Ukrainian bilingual program There is a private schools in South Transcona. A Christian schools in Mission Gardens, and there is a public library and a museum in Transcona. The University of Manitoba is accessible within 1/2 hour via the Perimeter Highway.


There are a number of small retails stores and services scattered around the community. The bulk of retail activity is along Regent Ave, just to the west of the community, including a host of car dealerships. Kildonan Place Shopping Centre, and Crossroads Shopping Centre straddling Regent Street, the former with a multiplex cinema.


Transcona has a large amount of undeveloped land in the area, and also has a number of fine parks. Just west of Plessis Rd is the New Tall Grass Prairie Preserve preserving the wilderness prairie environment. Just south of Dugald Rd is the Transcona Golf Club, and the Harbour View course is 2 km north of the community. Transcona has 2 community halls, 2 Rec Centres, 5 tennis courts, 3 running tracks, 3 outdoor rinks, 2 indoor arenas, 2 indoor pools, and the city's best (lit) ball stadium. A new man-made lake south of the community (originally to help with drainage) is becoming popular with area water-skiers.

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