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McPhillips Street Station casino

This district is just north of downtown and the CPR railway yards, and south of Inkster Boulevard, and is bound on the west by the busy McPhillips St, and on the east by the Red River. This area has many older homes and contains historical Point Douglas, where the first settlers lived, and includes a culturally diverse population. Other neighbourhoods in this community include William Whyte, Dufferin, St John's, Inkster Faraday, Robertson, and Burrows Central. The area is well served with the Health Sciences Centre at its southwest edge.


This area falls into Winnipeg School District #1. This district offers an English/Hebrew and English /Ukrainian program, and various languages are offered in after-school programs. The community has several private schools, serving the Jewish and Catholic communities. There are also three public libraries. The community is close to the University of Winnipeg's downtown campus.


The area is close to downtown to the south and has McPhillips St on the west, though most of McPhillips' shopping malls lie north of Inkster Blvd.


The area has a number of parks, the largest of which are the Old Exhibition Grounds, and St. John's Park along the river. The community also has an outdoor and two indoor pools, and 4 indoor arenas. The McPhillips Street Station casino is just across McPhillips Street. The community is also home to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada and the Ivan Franco Museum.

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