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This area is west of McPhillips and North of Notre Dame and the Airport. This community is diverse, including some more established neighbourhoods south and east of the Inkster Industrial Park (Mynarski, Northwood, and Shaughnessy Heights), south of the CP Weston yards (Brooklands and Weston). The newer neighbourhoods are west of Keewatin and include Tyndall Park, Lord and Garden Grove. Homes in Weston are around $50,000 - $70,000, with prices rising as you go further north.

These communities are close to the area's many industrial parks and are therefore convenient to those working there. The community is also close to the Airport and Red River Community College, and is dotted with a umber of small lakes and medium-sized parks.


This community is mostly part of the Winnipeg School District #1 and has 8 elementary and 1 secondary school. The neighbourhood of Brooklands falls inside St James-Assiniboine School District, and has one elementary school. There are 2 public libraries in the community. The community lies just to the North of Red River Community College and is not far from university of Winnipeg's downtown campus.


There are several small plazas along Keewatin Street, though residents typically head to McPhillips Street where there are several larger shopping malls.


The community has a number of medium sized parks with lakes, including Albina, Cutler, and Woodsworth, and has a wide range of recreational venues. These include 4 outdoor rinks, and one indoor ice arenas, an indoor pool, a running track and several tennis courts. To the east are two movie theatres on McPhillips Street, and the McPhillips Street Station casino. To the northwest, golfers will find The Player's Course, Swinger's Driving Range, and skiers will find Little Mountain Park. The community is not far from the Old Exhibition Grounds, now a park area with several recreational facilities, and the Western Canadian Aviation Museum.

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