Winnipeg Performance Venue: University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba
Room 158, Frank Kennedy Center
R3T 2N2
204-474-6952 fax:204-474-7634

The University of Manitoba, in the southern portion of Winnipeg, has a nubmer of facilities for fintess and entertainment: Investors Group Athletic Centre, Max Bell Arena, Max Bell Fieldhouse, and the University Stadium.

The Investors Group Athletic Centre seats 3000, and has a 22,000 sq ft synthetic and hardwood floor area and a 40' ceiling.

The Max Bell Arena has seating for 1400, plus 6 luxury seats and has a 90' by 200' ice rink.

The Max Bell Fieldhouse has seating for 2000 (for convocation) and 500 for Gymnastics events and has a 63,000 sq ft synthetic floor.

The University Stadium has seating for 5000 people, overlooking natural grass turf.

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