Winnipeg Business Operations: Business Strategy Part 3: Goal Setting for Breakthrough Success

by Eileen Ashmore, MBA

Why is it that although management teams build excellent business plans, they don't seem to reach their goals over the year? As soon as the goal is set, it seems like everything happens to get in the way of reaching the goal. I've started telling clients that the word 'goal' means the word 'obstacle' simply because a force field forms that slows or deters goal attainment. The force field could be imagined obstacles or real obstacles. And then again, it could look like and feel like an obstacle course.

Think of any game - what would the game of hockey be like without the opposing team, and, the opposing fans? The game of business starts the minute we set a goal and so does an automatic force field establish itself - real or imagined.

So what do we do to achieve goals with breakthrough success? We can:

  1. Make sure the goal is one that your firm values dearly so that your team is up to 'moving mountains' to attain the goal.
  2. s the goal directly connected to your vision where you can see that by attaining the goal your company comes closer to realizing your vision?
  3. Know that every successful person and every successful business deals with adversity everyday. It is enthusiasm, perseverance and our belief in our products and services and how we help our customers that are the key factors determining our success.
  4. It requires focus and its hard work - most successful people that I've met have told me that their success is based on hard work - not luck its hard work.
  5. Sometimes the goal is too ambitious and if it is broken down into smaller parts or if it's spread over a longer period of time, it becomes more manageable and realizable.
  6. After Plan A, do you have a Plan B or perhaps even a Plan C to achieve your end result?
  7. Lastly in reviewing your goals, ask yourself 'Is the goal realistic, measurable and doable? 'Doable' means that you can execute on the goal with confidence. 'Measurable' means that you can measure the goal and that you do so every week, month or quarter to stay on track. 'Realistic' means that you're working with what is possible with the resources that you have.

Wayne Gretzky's said it best - 'One hundred percent of the shots you don't take don't go in'. The more valued the goal, the greater the force field, and, the greater victory and celebration on succeeding. Remember the Red Mile!!!

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