Winnipeg Visitor Tips for Quick but Fun Stay in Winnipgg

Sightseeing Suggestions
Here are some quick suggestions for visitors with limited time in the City: The schedule is a suggestion for those who want to see the essence of Winnipeg in only a couple of days.

One Day Stay

Here are the things you should try to do on your first day (this may take mmore than a day if you are travelling with children)

    Manitoba Legislature Building
  • Start at the Manitoba Legislature. It's the heart of the city and the province
  • Visit Dalnavert, one of the most important old homes in the city
  • See the Winnipeg Art Gallery
  • Visit the Winnipeg Grain Exchange and the historical Exchange District, with some of the oldest buildings in Western Canada. Winnipeg's Chinatown is also in this area
  • Visit the Centennial Centre, the focal point for the city's arts community
  • Cross the River into Old St Boniface, to see the largest French community west of Montreal
  • Cross the Red River again, to The Forks, a local gathering spot, market, and historical site
  • Take the Riverwalk along the Assiniboine River from The Forks back to the Legislature, if you wish
  • For an interesting evening, head south into Osborne Village, on the south shore of the Assiniboine River. A little further west, on Corydon is the city's Italian district, with many great restaurants.

Two Day Stay

Pond in Assiniboine Park

Here are suggestions for a second day in Winnipeg:

  • Head west to the Air Force Heritage Park, just south of the airport to see many propellor and jet planes from the past.
  • Head west to the Living Prairie Museum & Park, which preserves a rare patch of the tall grass prairie that existed in the West. South from the park is Grant's Mill on beautiful Sturgeon Creek
  • Head south to Assiniboine Park, where there is a zoo, the Leo Mol sculpture garden, as well as Canada's largest urban forest.
  • Head south again to the Fort Whyte Centre for Environmental Education
  • Head east to the Royal Canadian Mint, and see how Canada's coins are made (free tour but no free samples)
  • Head northeast to view the massive Spillway which each springtime sends the Red River floodwaters around Winnipeg.

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